Dr. Jingyu Gu, Holistic Healing is Possible

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PhD, Licensed Acupuncturist, founder Wellspring Acupuncture and Holistic Health Clinic, PC
TAI CHI: 45 years training, 30 years teaching, 1991 U.S. National Champion
ACUPUNCTURE: Practicing since 1970′s, taught at Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 2005-2007, currently serving as assistant chair of State of Texas Board of Acupuncture

Saturday, November 4th, 2017, 4:00p

A Short Talk:
Energy Cultivator’s Personal Story: Holistic Healing Is Possible

My journey is an on-going process. It is pointing toward a constant optimal state of self-feeding energetic empowerment that will only gradually improve and enhance, rather than exhaust, or fatigue. So far science has discovered the human bio-immortality theoretically. However, they don’t know the pragmatism of the bio-immortality. What I have experienced seems to be providing a blueprint of the pragmatism.

In 1976, diagnosed with fulminant hepatitis, I was not expected to make it to 50.

In addition to typical aches and pains growing up, I was half crippled in my health at age 22. In 1976 I was medically “certified” with “half-life” to live in Shanghai, China, due to fulminant hepatitis. What had been chronic health conditions such as IBS, all-year round allergies, borderline diabetes, high-cholesterol, near-legally blind vision problems, whole-mouthful gum line recession, depression, etc. are now non-existent.

Soon after the liver damage, I repeatedly failed to find cures for my problems in the form of pills and surgeries. With nowhere to turn, I embarked on a journey to heal myself searching everywhere for solutions. Inner alchemy plus tai chi, acupuncture and herbs, and a balanced lifestyle proved to be most helpful. The journey has included about 45 years of tai chi, 30 years of inner alchemy reading and training, acupuncture and Chinese herbal studies and practice.

Today, less than 3 weeks to 62, most of the above health conditions are either healed and/or stabilized to a degree of “no hay problema” anymore.

I will give a more detailed discussion, as time permits, about healing some health conditions, such as IBS, allergies, high-cholesterol, dental problems and depression, mainly through diet, tai chi, acupuncture, herbs, and inner alchemic meditation.

At 62, I am healthier and more vibrant than I was at 22.

Clinically and functionally, at almost 62 years old, I am healthier and more vibrant than when I was 22 years old. I not only feel physiologically healthy, energetic and powerful, but also simultaneously peaceful, content, calm, and “ecstatically” happy all day long and all year round, with no end in sight.

I believe this journey has proven something more than individual abnormality or a lucky chance, because every improvement and transformation was clearly recorded and “predicted” in the decades long process of cultivation, research and practice.

It seems to suggest that human beings have an inert power to heal and empower ourselves to our optimal state. The process is long, decades long even, but can be very clearly and almost measurably marked. Therefore, I believe the process is worth sharing with all who are willing to partake. The whole body healing is a necessary and integral part of the process, and it has to be ‘all-rounded’, involving what we call the physiological, psychological, intellectual and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

I look forward to sharing my experience and philosophy with all who care to listen.

Saturday, 11/4, 4:00p


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