Jim Holzknecht

Best Life Ever Presentations


Jim Holzknecht

Author of Midlife PLAY BOOK, co-producer and director of the movie Beyond Belief, and Bikram Yoga Instructor!

Sunday, 11/12/2017, 1:30–3:00 p.m.

Play full out in the 2nd Half!

The game plan strategies in Midlife PLAY BOOK not only helped the author (Jim Holzknecht) recover from chronic fatigue, they became the transformational context that he lives from.

I use football as a metaphor throughout the book because, not only am I passionate about the game, I believe football offers many similarities to life. As a society, we are spending too much time stuck in the comfort zone end of the field. This end of the field is where cynicism, frustration, lethargy, anxiety, depression and resignation are. We need some effective, easy to use strategies to get to and live from the FUN zone at the other end of the field.

“This book is a playful journey from your head to your heart. Fun, passion, and play are who we authentically are. It’s time to reclaim them for yourself. They are your birthright.”

So get ready! It’s going to be a wild, fun, playful ride! GAME ON!

Go from stuck to clear for the New Year.

This workshop will introduce 3 practices to do to get clarity for the rest of this year, next year and beyond.

Sunday, 11/12/2017, 1:30p–3:00p