Lane W., Peoples Anonymous

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Twelve Steps to Heal Your Life for Everyone,
That Work for Anyone

Friday, 11/3/2017, 7:00p

Lane W.’s journey with the transformational power of the Twelve Steps began when he was homeless. He spent years in and out of jails and institutions, fighting to get free from the undertow of addiction. He began drinking and using at the age of twelve and is currently ten years clean and sober. Lane has been involved with all aspects of the Twelve Step recovery movement and is an extremely satisfied customer himself. He is currently a volunteer for several treatment centers throughout the country and formerly worked as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Preventionist with the Dallas and Ft. Worth Independent School Districts. Lane also dedicates time working with inmates at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, along with many others in the community, guiding them through the Twelve Steps.

Lane is not only the author of Peoples Anonymous, but the Founder of the PA movement that is finally making this beautiful Twelve Step healing recipe available to the rest of the world. Lane has successfully taken thousands of people through the Twelve Steps, affording him a front row seat to the compelling results that only this program can offer. He presents these concepts nationally to large groups and is available for speaking engagements, interviews, etc.


Peoples Anonymous has come to the world to help remove all degrees of separation in the twelve-step movement of transformation. Prior to PA, one could gain access to the twelve steps through a variety of different special interest groups. As beautiful and powerful as these individual gatherings are, they were born in an atmosphere of separation, believing they needed to identify with a specific form of dis-ease for healing. PA proposes we all struggle with some form of the human condition and we are all in this together.

Our interests do not lie separate nor does our Healing.

This book is a beginning, not an end. Always keep an open mind to experience strength and hope from those who have been working these steps successfully with regard to the various ways you can continue to apply them to your life. The exercises enclosed merely scratch the surface of a lifelong journey. I honestly do not believe that this book will ultimately become the basic text for Peoples Anonymous, but it is my hope that this chip of a book will be a spark that the world will fan into a flame that becomes a movement where,

finally, all are welcome.

Friday, 11/3/2017, 7:00p