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Astrology & Tapping???

Energy Work / Yoga and Life

If you know me at all, you know that I love to share new things I learn that can help make our lives better. And often I share them in stories I tell during class from some past experience... Read More »

BeneFIT’s Meditation Course

Energy Work

Meditation is the process of prolonged concentration on a single thing and results in a quiet mind which in turn opens clear communication channels with Spirit. Without a proven method, attempting to quiet the mind can be very challenging... Read More »

Introduction to Tapping (EFT)

Energy Work

What is Tapping (EFT)? Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT for short, is also known as “Tapping” and is an incredibly effective, efficient, and easy method for shifting your energy fast. Are you frustrated, feeling stuck, sad, angry, upset, anxious, or... Read More »