10/10/2013 – Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Unless our minds are stable and calm, no matter how comfortable our physical condition may be, they will give us no pleasure. Therefore, the key to a happy life, now and in the future, is to develop a happy mind.”

~ The Dalai Lama

We all want to be happy, but developing a happy mind isn’t all that easy. First we have to break it of the thought patterns that make it unhappy.

Good thing Bikram knew the secret of the mind-body connection. In his class we use the body as a mechanism to train the mind, stopping the habitual train of thought and creating the space for something new and better to fill in. That right there, my friend, is the beginnings of a happy mind.

Plus, the rest of life is easy compared to Bikram Yoga. You can’t help but be happy when you’re done!