10/13/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“There are probably some areas in your life where you are very responsible and other areas that you’ve neglected. The more you take responsibility, the more power, freedom, and fulfillment follows. However, ANYTIME you feel like a victim or feel helpless, you are NOT taking responsibility. Slipping into the role of a victim is saying you have NO CHOICE. There is ALWAYS a choice. The choice may not be comfortable, but there is always a choice. Being aware of the gamut of choices is the first step. Then, it’s necessary to connect to our source of power and take responsible action.”

~ Mary E. Allen, The Power of INNER CHOICE

When you think of it, my friend, don’t you find it empowering to know that there is always a choice? When you know there is always a choice, the deciding factor then becomes how much you are willing to suffer. What will it take for you to initiate the change necessary to create what you desire?

Taking responsibility for your life is owning your power, it’s taking charge of your life and happiness.

You, like everyone else, my friend, deserve to be happy.