10/20/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Betrayal is about learning not to idealize external sources.”

~ Linda Talley

Put anything on a pedestal and it’s bound to fall off someday. But once it’s fallen, you’re not as likely to be putting it or anything else up there again, right?

Live and learn, my friend. That’s what life’s all about.

But I have another question for you. Who’s really done the betraying? Is it that they betrayed you or did your belief about them betray you?


We have no real control over anything external. We are responsible for ourselves — our thoughts and actions. While it’s not always easy, we can control these. And not only that, our power expands as we master them.

Remember, my friend, great leaders live up to the ideals they set of and for themselves. Become a great leader.