10/25/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“When someone I have helped, or in whom I have placed great hope, harms me with great injustice, may I see that one as a sacred friend.”

~ The Dalai Lama

What does it take to learn true compassion? Unconditional love? While it may not be easy, we can eventually forgive most injustices and betrayals. But the true test of your willingness to keep your heart open under all circumstances will only come about through great injustices. It’s in this sense that these perpetrators become sacred friends, the type that teach you what love really is.

How long are you willing to suffer being cut off from love in the way a closed heart does? Grace and good things can only flow through an open heart.

Forgiveness opens your heart, my friend, so you’re the one who benefits.