1/11/2016: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Deep rest cultures your talents and abilities and brings you closer to your nature. Even a slight feeling that the Divine is with you will give you deep rest. Prayer, love and meditation are all flavors of deep rest.”

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Have you ever noticed that at the end of a good Bikram Yoga class you find yourself lying in savasana feeling spent…done…too tired to think? Well, my friend, that feeling right there — too tired to think — is the biggest benefit you get from your hard work. Not that the others aren’t big, don’t get me wrong here. But a quiet mind, the kind that, without your even knowing it, opens the door to the Divine is priceless.

Alignment with Spirit, the gift of a quiet mind, is the avenue through which all good things can flow.

So take your time in savasana and enjoy your deep rest. Have no doubt, my friend, it’s worth every ounce of sweat!