11/6/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Every person with an ideal faces the danger of being called a fool or madman. Every great cause must be ushered into the world by a small majority of persons often denounced as cracked brains or ridiculous zealots. Somebody said ‘Nobody can be genuinely in earnest without appearing eccentric in a world where intensity is considered bad form.’”

~ Rev. Paul Osumi

How do you feel when you go against the grain, my friend? Are you comfortable with being called a fool or a madman? Or would you rather blend in with the crowd?

Environments are very powerful. Society and belief structures are very powerful. It takes an even more powerful person to stand up for their truth when it’s in contrast to the accepted norm. Right?

So appreciate the eccentrics (stand proud as one yourself). After all, they might just be on to something that you’ll eventually be grateful for.