3/21/2015 – Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“There is no profound value in stretching for 20 minutes a day and letting an uncontrolled mind tie the body in knots the rest of the time.”

~ Dan Millman

Yes, yes, yes, I know, at 90 minutes Bikram Yoga is a long class. But, my friend, you’re working everything — body, mind, and spirit — all at once. And that’s no easy feat. You see, you have to get the body and the mind working together so that there’s space for spirit to flow. And the body and the mind, well, haven’t you noticed how they’re most often at odds?

So in Bikram Yoga we use the body as a mechanism to control the mind and, after 90 minutes, when you’re too tired to think, you’ve broken your mind of it’s habitual patterns of thought. Only then do you find yourself calm and happy for the rest of the day.

The formula is brilliant, my friend, truly it is. It’s the quickest way to happy and healthy you’ll find.