3/3/2016: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Are you worried? Do you have many “what if” thoughts? You are identified with your mind, which is projecting itself into an imaginary future situation and creating fear. There is no way that you can cope with such a situation, because it doesn’t exist. It’s a mental phantom. You can stop this health- and life-corroding insanity simply by acknowledging the present moment… All that you ever have to deal with, cope with, in real life — as opposed to imaginary mind projections — is this moment. Ask yourself what “problem” you have right now, not next year, tomorrow, or five minutes from now. What is wrong with this moment? You can always cope with the Now, but you can never cope with the future — nor do you have to. The answer, the strength, the right action or the resource will be there when you need it, not before, not after.”

~ Eckhart Tolle, The Power of NOW

There is absolutely nothing positive that comes from worrying about the future. Nothing. It’s just your mind being your worst enemy.

You have to turn it around, my friend, and the sooner the better! So get to class. Let Bikram Yoga stop the negative mind pattern.

Your happiness, your health, your future depend upon it!