5/19/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Instead of clearing his own heart the zealot tries to clear the world.”

~ Joseph Campbell

Discontent always originates from inside, my friend. And when something’s amiss inside we can’t help but find everything amiss outside.

Now, you can go to the trouble of trying to change something out there but even if you did succeed you’d just find more out there that upsets you. You know why?

Because discontent always originates from the inside. It’s one of the ways your soul calls to you.

So listen, my friend, your heart is talking to you! What is it trying to tell you? Notice what upset you out there and ask yourself why. And then ask yourself if there might be some way that you do that same thing yourself without realizing it.

When you clear the troubles from your own heart you might just find that the problem was never really out there after all.