7/16/2012 – Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“You see, while you do Yoga is the one time, Terry Two, maybe the first time in your life, when you absolutely and totally forget everything else: what you have to do at home, the pain in your toe, the fight you had with boss, the test you have to take, the bills, the anything. Whatever problem or pain you come in here with, in five minutes I give you so much else to think about you forget you even got it.

“You see how I never stop talking? That is so I keep your mind right here in this room. And I make you keep your eyes open all the time so your mind cannot wander off.”

Excerpted from the book Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class by Bikram Choudhury

Nothing happens overnight, my friend. You know that. But even still we all tend to get impatient when we don’t see the results quickly, no matter what it is.

You know what the problem with impatience is? The problem with “problems”? You know why the change doesn’t materialize? Because you can’t let go of the notion that it hasn’t happened yet — so it can’t happen!

What’s the remedy? You have to let go. When you let go of your need for the result you create the space for it to happen.

So go distract yourself. Take a Bikram Yoga class. It’s the perfect distraction — heals the body, mind and life all in one fell swoop!