8/7/2016: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“The hardest thing for life is to be ignored and given no attention. To give your attention to something is a way of giving energy. Someone who grows plants told me that if you talk to the plants while watering them, they will grow faster and produce more beautiful flowers. By receiving attention, life can get the energy to move in a better direction.”

~ Masaru Emoto, The True Power of Water

Have you ever noticed how your energy flows with your attention? Think of a time when you’ve focused your attention intently on someone and had them turn to look your way. They were responding to your energy.

Your attention is the seat of your power, my friend; it’s what directs your energy. And while your attention directs your energy, your thoughts and emotions determine its quality.

Whether you realize it or not, you are directing your life. So, the more you become conscious of the quality and direction of your energy, the more you can deliberately create the life and experiences you want.

Make sense? So why not get deliberate, my friend? Start directing your attention and focusing on the results you want. It should feel good in the process and great when it happens!