9/11/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Remember I told you before about basis of Yoga — big effort, then total relaxation; big effort, then total relaxation? This is most true with floor exercises, and Dead Man Pose will teach you to relax…

“When you do some of these floor poses, the pulse rate goes from 70 to 140 in five seconds. Even marathon runners, their hearts do not beat so fast after forty miles as after ten seconds of the Locust Pose. Is good for heart to speed up for short time. Is important way to strengthen the muscle. But after speeding up heart, you must do twenty seconds Dead Man so heart can calm down again, eat nourishing meal of fresh blood and oxygen.”

~ Bikram Choudhury, Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class

You know, my friend, it’s important that we learn how to honor and flow with the cycles of life. Operating too much or for too long at maximum exertion only wears us out and breaks us down. Our bodies and our minds both need down time to release pressure and recharge.

Yet many of us in the West are so focused on achieving “success” that we feel guilty relaxing. If only we knew that it’s in letting go that we receive the fruits of our efforts. Then we’d willingly release the tension and finally let ourselves be happy.

Nothing teaches this better than Bikram Yoga. Nothing else makes you work so hard or feel so good afterwards. It’s worth every drop of sweat. Don’t you think?