9/15/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“In meditation, we look mindfully at this river of feelings. We contemplate their arising, their remaining, and their disappearance. We witness their impermanence. When we have an unpleasant feeling, we say to ourselves, “This feeling is in me, it will stay for a while, and then it will disappear because it is impermanent.” Just by seeing the impermanence of feelings in this way we suffer a lot less. This is true for both the feelings that arise from physical form and those that arise from perceptions.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh, you are here

You see, my friend, it’s just a matter of perspective. What may initially seem like the end of the world, well, it’s not. It’s natural for us to get caught up in the feeling and let it take us for a ride but we don’t have to.

There’s an alternative. We can step back and take the big picture perspective. “Nothing lasts forever.” “To live is to change.” “Life is cyclical.” “What goes up must come down.” These are all sayings that help us recognize and embrace life’s impermanence.

Practice this, my friend. Before you react, before you assume the worst, sit with the feeling. Just experience it. Breathe. Regardless of how painful it is, know that it, too, shall pass.

Relief can be just a breath away.