9/23/2015: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“It all boils down to who is in charge of your consciousness. Is it the past? Is it society? Is it the environment? Or is it you?”

“When I tell you to think deliberately, I am not addressing your mind, I am addressing you. The mind is a good tool and storage device, but on its own, it just thinks in circles. So I don’t want to talk to the answering machine, or even your secretary; I want the boss. That’s you. It is your mind; you built it, you own it. Now it is time you took control of it.”

~ Harry Palmer, The Avatar Path

So, my friend, you know the best way to do that, right? You go do Bikram Yoga where you’ll break the mind’s grip as you are forced to concentrate and listen carefully, and somewhere amidst all the sweating, stretching, twisting, flexing, and compressing you simply become too tired to think.

And then, ahhh…

There’s nothing like that blissful feeling after Bikram Yoga when you’re relaxed, exercised, energized, and once again appreciating the simple things of life.