9/25/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Spirit is unconditionally loving of you and others. Spirit loves life and all people. It’s this part of you – at the core – that loves everyone unconditionally. This is why it feels uncomfortable when we are angry, resentful, or upset with another — we’re going against the nature of who we truly are. When you’re loving, Spirit is flowing through you. When you’re withholding love, Spirit is cut off from you and others.”

~ Mary E. Allen, The Power of Inner Choice

It’s pretty straightforward, my friend. Your mind, through the thoughts you think, is the control valve for the flow of Spirit in your life. Critical, negative thoughts shut off the flow while loving, positive thoughts keep it flowing.

You can always tell whether you’re allowing Spirit to flow or not by the way you feel. And remember that you, my friend, are the one in control.

It feels awfully good to love, don’t you think? Make this be a day in which Spirit flows and love spreads!