9/5/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

Daily Dose of Inspiration

“I wondered about the explorers who’d sailed their ships to the end of the world. How terrified they must have been when they risked falling over the edge; how amazed to discover, instead, places they had seen only in their dreams.”

~ Jodi Picoult

This is what fear does to us, my friend. It paints a picture of catastrophe looming should we break with the status quo and venture out into new territory. “It’s too scary. Don’t go there!” fear says. “You might get hurt!” The unknown is, after all, unknown. Who knows what we might encounter?

But the problem is that those new things we want, all those things we’ve long been dreaming of, they’re out there in that unknown territory. There’s a saying, “no risk, no gain.”

Don’t let fear rule your life, my friend. You’ll never be at peace until you give it a go.