6/11/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Patience is not learned in safety. It is not learned when everything is harmonious and going well. When everything is smooth sailing, who needs patience? If you stay in your room with the door locked and the curtains drawn, everything may seem harmonious, but the minute anything doesn’t go your way, you blow up. There’s no cultivation of patience when your pattern is to just try to seek harmony and smooth everything out. Patience implies willingness to be alive rather than trying to seek harmony.”

~ Pema Chodron

You just think you want everything to be rosy and perfect all the time, my friend. But really, life would be boring without challenges. Think of it, how would you grow? You’d have no impetus to change. You probably wouldn’t even know what you might prefer.

Fortunately though, life forces change and fuels desires. And yes, you got it, my friend, this is why it behooves us to develop patience. Patience eases frustration.

6/10/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s never easy to make your way through the darkness, however it manifests. But it’s in these darkest moments that the light from beyond begins beckoning.

Remember, it’s through contrast that we find clarity. So bless the darkness, my friend, and start looking beyond.

What is it you want to experience?

6/9/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Although the intellect and mind can never stand alone, please don’t ever diminish the importance of your thoughts! They are the foundation of belief systems, perceptions, and ultimately the architect of what we manifest on the physical plane. If you want to know what your future looks like, take a look at your current thinking!”

~ C.A. Brooks

So how’s your future looking, my friend? Are you setting yourself up for fights and struggle, or are you laying the groundwork for smooth sailing into the life you want?

It’s actually very empowering when you finally get it. If you don’t like where you are and where you’re going isn’t looking any better, then you’d better shift your perspective and consciously change your thoughts and beliefs. It doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do have to be honest with yourself.

Remember, my friend, this is your future you’re creating. Your diligence and persistence will pay off so don’t cut yourself short. You’re worth far more effort than you realize!

6/8/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it and see through your resistance.”

~ Deepak Chopra

Next time you find yourself getting impatient, irritable, frustrated, or upset, recognize that you’re resisting something. All suffering is the result of resistance.

So, when you’ve had enough of the suffering, all you have to do is figure out what you’re resisting and embrace it instead. As soon as you let yourself fully experience what you’re resisting, it will drop away.

Honestly, my friend, this can all happen quickly; relief can be just moments away.

6/7/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Love is the only answer to every question. It is the only thing that will serve you in every situation. It is the route and the destination. It is medication, liberation and should be at the heart of and expression of your vocation.”

~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

There is a solution to every problem, my friend, but you’re not going to find it by just focusing on the problem. Possible solutions will present themselves when you start asking questions that prompt them. And the right answer will come when you ask the right question. Therefore, the challenge is to come up with the right question.

Hmmm… I wonder… How about if the next time you find yourself in a quandary you ask “What would love do?” and see what comes up? Why not try it? Are you open and willing? If yes, then…

Whatever the problem, just ask, “What would love do?”

6/6/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Though it may seem like it at times, nothing happens overnight. There is always a cause and effect with a gap in between — conception, gestation, and then birth.

Honor the process, my friend, and resist the urge to rush it along. Everything develops and ripens at its own pace.

Let patience serve you.

6/5/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Shape your mind with imagination and faith.”

~ Harry Palmer, The Avatar Path: The Way We Came

I’ve heard it said that your imagination is God, the creative force of your universe. Which is to say that by imagining you actually begin creating that which you are imagining.

On the positive side, if you can imagine it it can be real — as long as you have faith, that is. Imagination without faith will get you nowhere.

Unless, perhaps, you’re using your imagination to focus on things you don’t want and fully believing that they are going to happen, in which case your belief overrules any faith that good might come of it. When this happens that nowhere quickly becomes somewhere you don’t want to be!

Don’t let this be your story, my friend. Instead, imagine what you want with complete faith that God is on your side and aiding you every step of the way, even when it doesn’t look like it.

6/4/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Until we have seen someone’s darkness, we don’t really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness, we don’t really know what love is.”

~ Marianne Williamson

You know, my friend, no one is perfect, not a single one of us. We all have moments of goodness and moments of not-so-goodness. And it’s these latter ones that are the telling times.

They are telling about everyone involved. How? By exposing how we act and how we react, our judgments and our ability to let go of those judgments, and ultimately, my friend, by our willingness to forgive — both ourselves and everyone else.

6/3/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Anything that affects our thinking affects our lives. And nothing else affects our thinking more than our beliefs…

“Day in and day out, we’re always unavoidably thinking thoughts, and surprisingly, we’re hardly aware of what most of them are. Yet as we perpetually think these thoughts, we also perpetually visualize, anticipate, expect, and ultimately, manifest the life we lead. We unconsciously yet effortlessly breathe life into all our experiences, giving little, if any, attention to our thoughts and the mechanics involved. And so it should be. But what we ought to at least become aware of is that it’s our normal everyday thoughts and wandering imagination that compose most of our thoughts, so it’s these thoughts that are responsible for bringing about most of our experiences.”

~ Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities

You get that, my friend? Are you conscious of your normal everyday thoughts? Have you ever noticed your thoughts/beliefs play out in your life?

Here’s the cycle of creation: Think a thought, muse over it a bit, let your imagination run with it, spin a whole scenario of what’s happening out there (in someone else’s mind and actions, or perhaps it’s amongst a group of people) think it so much you become absolutely certain that it’s real, and then experience what your mind created.

You’re more powerful than you realize, my friend, and you absolutely deserve to enjoy your life. But it’s up to you to make it happen. Don’t you think it’s time to align your thoughts and beliefs with your dreams?

6/2/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

~ Dr. Seuss

There are so many ways to look at everything, my friend. And with just a quick shift in perspective you can go from happy to sad — OR — from sad to happy.

It’s all just a matter of perspective.

And the best part is: YOU get to choose.

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