5/12/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

~ Rumi

Our true nature is love — unconditional love — the kind that knows no separation, no negative judgment.

What is it that keeps you from loving any and all? But most importantly, my friend, what is it that keeps you from loving you?

Eliminate the barriers, my friend. They are only figments of your imagination. Love, joy, bliss — this is the real you.

5/11/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the universe.”

~ Florence Scovel Shinn, The Game of Life and How to Play It


Do you think, my friend, that the words God and Love could be used interchangeably? I mean, how could an emotion as powerful as love be anything less than God moving through you? And when you think of the pure essence of God don’t you feel love flooding over you?

Focus on God and you summon love.
Focus on love and you summon God.


5/10/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“The quiet time of contemplation is far from being void — it is the place where all begins, dies, transforms and begins again. It is time to think, reflect, evaluate and recognize critical mass.”

~ C.A. Brooks

Go within, my friend. Time in reflection now will eliminate the likelihood of hasty decisions in the future. Think of it as reset time, as a time to clear the slate and seek clarity.

With clarity will come intention and soon your path will appear. You’ll know it when you see it. Have faith.

5/9/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

What is, is what is, my friend. It is the current reality. But that doesn’t mean it will be forever more.

Resistance will only prolong your disappointment. The sooner you accept what is the sooner you can begin formulating a different future.

Your mind — your thoughts and beliefs — whether consciously or unconsciously, are creating your future in every moment. So start imagining it the way you want it and then line up your thoughts and beliefs to support it.

It’s not enough just to have a dream, my friend, you must believe in it.

5/8/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

~ Kahlil Gibran

You see, my friend, we’re just building our strength.

If you just keep in mind that everything serves a purpose in your evolution, it makes it easier to make it through the struggles. Tell yourself, “I’ll be wiser and stronger from the process” and set your sights on the future you would love.

That positive vision for your future, if you stay focused on it, will propel you forward and through the rough times!

5/7/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.”

~ Steve Jobs

There you have it, my friend. Every ending is really just a new beginning and most often of bigger and better things.

Embrace the beginner’s mindset and let your creative juices start flowing. When you have a blank canvas in front of you anything is possible. You get to decide, what would you like most?

And you know, my friend, whether you’re facing an ending or not, any moment can be a new beginning. All it takes is you deciding that it is!

5/6/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“You have the capacity to change the world within a moment. All you have to do is make a simple choice. Are you going to choose a world of love and gratitude, or a tortured world filled with discontent and impoverishment? The answer will depend on your attitude at this very moment.”

~ Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

You know, my friend, it really can be that simple. A simple change in perspective, a new thought, and life can change on a dime.

There are always multiple, infinite even, perspectives through which we can view life. And the way we view life is the way we experience life. But not only that, we get to choose the perspective. Thank about the power in that.

For instance, you can choose to believe that the Universe is working for you or against you. One choice has the potential to fill you with love and gratitude, the other resentment and bitterness.

So, my friend, which perspective do you choose? And more importantly, do you want more of the same or is it time for a change?

5/5/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.”

~ Rosa Parks

When you make a decision from a space of clarity resolve sets in, doubts drop away, and the path unfolds.

So get clear, my friend, make your decision, and then act. You’ll know exactly what you need to do.

5/4/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes we under estimate the impact a simple gesture can have. Sharing love and kindness is truly the best gift you can give; not just to another, my friend, but to yourself and to the world as well — all three at the same time.

The personal touch can move mountains. This is a good thing to remember!

5/2/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration

“I feel that we too often focus on the negative aspects of life, on what is bad. If we were more willing to see the good and the beautiful things that surround us, we would be able to transform our families. From there, we would change our next-door neighbors and then others who live in our neighborhood or city. We would be able to bring peace and love to our world, which hungers so much for these things.”

~ Mother Teresa

Peace and love start at home, my friend, with you. What are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the positives or the negatives in life? Are you willing to see the good and beautiful? Do you validate the good or do you validate the bad?

We make choices every day, all day long. Are you aware of those choices you’re making by the thoughts you are thinking and where an how you are focusing your attention?

Let peace and love start with you. Focus on one person at a time, one thing at a time. What are you noticing? Is it good or is it bad?

Love accepts everything but it only validates the good. And remember, my friend, it starts at home!

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