How BeneFIT Uses the SD501

Nora Jeanne's Introduction to Kangen Water®

My experience with Kangen Water® began in July of 2013 when a woman came into BeneFIT, introduced herself, showed me some flyers titled “The Importance of Proper Hydration with Alkaline Antioxidant Water” and asked if she could leave some at the studio. As the owner of a Bikram Yoga studio my biggest challenge is getting students to understand the importance of being well hydrated. I know that hydration is what makes the difference between someone barely surviving and truly thriving with Bikram Yoga and is one of the main reasons people feel so good when they do Bikram Yoga regularly.

Obviously she was selling something but, if what she was selling would be helping me in my quest to direct my members and the world towards creating a ‘healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life’, I figured there would be no harm done. She explained that she educates those interested in what creates a properly hydrated, alkaline, healthy body and provides them with Kangen Water® to drink for a 30 day trial period. They could then choose for themselves to buy a machine and take matters into their own hands or not — all with no strings attached. Fine, I thought and showed her our community board and table where members and others leave their business cards and flyers. Before she left she asked if I would be interested in giving it a try and, while I was admittedly resistant at first, I felt I owed it to my members to give it a try and agreed to begin drinking the water.

She left me with a gallon of 8.5 pH Kangen Water® and put me on a delivery schedule in which she came to the studio and dropped off 3-4 gallons twice a week for me to drink. She gradually moved me from 8.5 to 9.0 and eventually to 9.5 pH. It wasn’t until I got to 9.5 pH before I experienced any detoxification symptoms and even those seemed slight to me. But during the course of her deliveries some of my students and employees began to take interest. She eventually offered some to a student and as he drank it right there in front of us his eyes opened wide and he shared that he felt a tingling, popping sensation in his head. In just a matter of minutes he felt energized and was excited so she began dropping off water for him as well. Not long after this it became clear that this wasn’t just about me and my experience, it was a natural extension of BeneFIT’s mission. I purchased Enagic®’s SD501, had it installed it at the studio (along with high quality pre-filters) in the beginning of September of 2013, and it has been in constant use ever since.

BeneFIT's Uses of the Water Produced by the SD501 Around the Studio

BeneFIT has provided water for its members to drink from the moment the SD501 was first installed. So, if you are one of these drinkers, it is worth noting that the water you are drinking is coming from a machine that has been a workhorse for well over a year providing high quality Kangen Water® to you and dozens of other people.

Besides supplying students with water to drink, we use the Beauty water (which has a pH of 5.5 to 6.0) to water our plants and pour 3-4 gallons of the extreme pH waters (pH of 2.5 and 11.5) per week for use around the studio in the ways listed below.

Strong Kangen® water with a pH of 11.5:
The very high pH 11.5 (50,000 times more powerful than neutral 7.0 pH) water acts an emulsifier of oils, releasing the oils that dirt, grime and odors get trapped in. So…

    1. LAUNDRY: We use 1-2 liters of the 11.5 pH water per load of laundry in place of detergent. We typically do at least one load of towels per day saving the cost of laundry detergent and ridding us of the guilt associated with washing harmful chemicals down the drain and into the environment and municipal water supply. Our towels come out with no smell what-so-ever indicating they are thoroughly clean.
    2. CARPET: We provide the 11.5 pH water to our carpet cleaning service to use to spot clean the stains from the carpet prior to cleaning with the 2.5 pH water. They are happy to not have to experiment with their standard chemical combinations to see which one would work best and have found that it is very quick and effective.
    3. SPRAYS: We have developed our own room and mat sprays that utilize the antibiotic qualities of essential oils to disinfect the yoga room and mats in use at the studio. We add a small amount of the 11.5 pH water to keep the oils and water mixed evenly in the liquid.
    4. CLEANING FRUITS & VEGETABLES: When we have an event at the studio and provide fruits and vegetables for cleaning we always soak them first in the 11.5 pH water to remove any harmful oil-based herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals and then rinse them with the 9.5 pH Kangen Water®. It’s our secret for delicious tasting treats!

    Strong Acidic water with a pH of 2.5:
    The 2.5 pH water is so extremely acidic that it kills 100% of all microbes within 30-60 seconds of contact. We use this water in the following ways:

      1. CLEANING: We mop the floors and sterilize toilets, sinks, and showers with 2.5 pH water.
      2. CARPET: We provide the 2.5 pH water to our carpet cleaning service to use to clean and sterilize all of the carpet in the yoga room.
      3. FIRST AID: We spray or soak a Q-tip and dab as a first aid antiseptic for cuts, burns, and scrapes on skin and to stop the stinging and burning associated with insect bites.
      4. STERILIZING WATER BOTTLES: We provide gallon jugs for our water drinkers and regularly sterilize the bottles using the 2.5 pH water to make sure no harmful germs are being spread inadvertently.

Nora Jeanne's Machine in her Home

After having the SD501 installed at the studio, knowing firsthand the power of Kangen Water®, and hearing many more incredible stories from the others drinking the water, I got up the courage to see if could get my parents to drink the water. They live in San Diego so I called them up and, with both of them on the phone, asked, “If I were to provide you with a machine, would you give the water an honest go for 30 days?” I fully expected strong resistance from them so was very pleasantly surprised to hear an emphatic “Yes” from my father, the main decision maker and the one I expected the most resistance from. It was especially pleasing since he was the one I knew would benefit the most dramatically and quickly from the water, keeping him from having to go back to the emergency room and avoid hospital stays in the future.

Knowing that they would likely buy a machine of their own, I purchased another SD501 which I planned to ultimately install in my home when they were done trying it and had it shipped directly to them. I was in no rush for a machine at my home since I am healthy and could continue bringing water home from the studio. But this is not the case with my parents. They are in their 80′s with the typical aches, pains and ailments that are common to those with the standard American diets and habits. I very much wanted them to experience the benefits and relief that Kangen Water® provides and knew this was the best way possible.

I was excited and they were excited. Until, that is, the machine was actually delivered, at which point the resistance showed up. My father, the engineer who is very handy with all kinds of tasks around the house, told me he could see the installation (simply attaching an adapter to the faucet of their utility room sink where we’d agreed it should be set up) would be complicated and that he’d need time to study the instructions. He then proceeded to postpone the task for days. He even went out and bought my mother a new car without her even knowing he was looking. She was as surprised as could be as this is something he’d never done before. And eventually, when push came to shove and days turned into almost two weeks, he finally sealed up the box and shipped the machine to me having never even taken it out of the box.

I share this story just to point out the fear that can surface when taking big steps in one’s life. Change can be scary and sometimes we feel safer sticking with the known with all its discomforts, diseases, and ailments, than to risk the unknown despite its promise of improvements. Often it is the very things that we need the most that we resist the most. Should you experience this yourself or with someone you know, be patient. Take or provide baby steps if possible and hold firm to the vision of health for everyone involved.

As for me, I installed the machine as quickly as possible and basked in the luxury of no longer needing to lug gallon jugs of water home from the studio. I continued my normal habits of drinking water, starting with a liter first thing in the morning, and that first night had a very bad headache. Despite the pain, it made me smile; I’d finally, beyond any doubt, experienced the promised signs of detoxification! I drank another big glass of water, went to bed, and woke up the next morning with headache gone.