Getting Started with Kangen Water®

Before You Begin...

Congratulations for taking your health into your own hands and setting yourself on the path to wellness!

Before you begin drinking Kangen Water® be sure to make a note of your starting point. Print out the PDF version of the Acidity Self Test and put a check mark next to everything that applies to you.

What we often don’t realize is that our natural state is one of well-being, free of dis-eases and ailments of all kinds. As with most good things, we don’t appreciate its worth until we’ve lost it, and then it doesn’t take long before all of the ailments that settle in become our “new norm.” We are told by our doctors and others that these ailments are just the normal process of aging instead of recognizing them as the result of chronic dehydration, an unhealthy diet, lack of basic exercise and/or other bad habits. We can’t fault the doctors if they, like the majority of the population, don’t know any better.

But a funny thing happens as you start drinking Kangen Water®. Because your body’s natural state is wellness, as it begins the process of detoxifying and healing itself, you won’t always notice as the ailments drop away. Sometimes people forget they ever had the ailment or discomfort in the first place. And don’t be surprised if things you consider just nuisances, like patches of dry and itchy skin or your need to turn on the exhaust fan during and after your bowel movements, gradually disappear. So be sure to mark off anything that applies to you in the Acidity Self Test and set the completed form aside for later review.

You Are in Control

Whether you know it or not, you have always been in control. You have chosen what you eat and drink and how much you exercise, etc. And let’s acknowledge now that your body didn’t get into its current state overnight. Most likely it’s been years in the making. So bear that in mind and recognize that the cleansing and detoxifying process will continue for years beyond the initial and more dramatic effects you’ll experience when you first begin drinking Kangen Water®.

Detoxifying, cleansing, and healing your body is really a two-fold process. First, you need to eliminate (or at the very least minimize) your intake of the unhealthy foods and beverages that have gotten you where you are now, and, second, you need to drink as much Kangen Water® as possible.

You get to choose how quickly you want your initial detoxification to proceed and can speed it up or slow it down at any point.

Please keep in mind that drinking carbonated beverages, sodas, energy or any other sugary drinks, and let’s not leave out alcohol, will negate the effect of the water and may very well be the main source of your dis-ease(s) and/or ailment(s) in the first place.

Most likely you don’t realize how much of these you actually consume and how bad for you they really are. For example, probably the single most acidic food you could eat is ice cream. Yes, sorry to say… but just think about it. Ice cream’s main ingredients are cream and sugar, each highly acidic with their own negative repercussions on the body.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer, you just have to change your habits to ones that will support your health and longevity.

How Do You Start?

Drink as much Kangen Water® as possible! The more Kangen Water® you drink the more quickly you will heal and the better you will feel! From here on out drink a minimum of 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water per day. This is the minimum — more is better.

Start by drinking pH 8.5 Kangen Water® for 1-2 weeks or long enough for any cleansing symptoms you experience to subside before moving up to 9.0. Then drink the 9.0 for 1-2 weeks or until cleansing symptoms have subsided before you move up to 9.5. The 9.5 Kangen Water® is the level most people will drink for ongoing maintenance and continued improvement of overall health.

The pH scale is logarithmic so each jump from 8.5 to 9.0 and again from 9.0 to 9.5 is actually a fivefold increase in power. Most people will notice cleansing symptoms at each level though some may not notice changes until they reach a higher pH. By giving your body the chance to move through the initial cleansing symptoms gradually at each of the three pH levels, you will minimize the discomfort of the detoxification process.

If the detox symptoms become more severe than you want to experience, you can back down a level or, if at 8.5, mix in clean water. Do an honest review of your Kangen Water® consumption. Are you really drinking as much as you think you are? Make sure the glass you think holds 20 oz. really does.

But most importantly, keep in mind Winston Churchill’s quote, “When you’re going through hell, keep going!” Relief will greet you on the other side so please don’t stop in the middle of the process. Instead, drink even more Kangen Water® than you had been drinking. This will be the quickest way through the detoxification process.

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Kangen Water® Dos and Don'ts

  1. The more Kangen Water® the better! Drink a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day — more if you do Bikram Yoga and/or want a faster, more efficient cleansing experience. A good rule of thumb is one gallon per day for women and two gallons for men.
  2. Prescription Medicine: Give yourself a window of 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour after taking medicine in which you don’t drink Kangen Water®. Take these medications with clean water.
  3. Eliminate all sodas, carbonated beverages, sparkling water, sugary drinks, energy and sports drinks (including Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, etc.). These drinks are very acidic (2.5 pH), are loaded with sugars, artificial sweeteners and chemicals which leave your body with even more toxins to eliminate. It takes almost 2 gallons of 9.5 pH Kangen Water® to neutralize the damage done with just 12 ounces of any of these drinks so they will negate the beneFITs of the Kangen Water®.
  4. Coffee and Tea: Cut way back (Could you get by with just one cup per day?) and use Kangen Water® to make it. You will only need 1/2 to 3/4 of the normal amount of coffee grounds and your tea will take half the time to steep. Both are acidic but the Kangen Water® will help reduce their acidity. Also, since Kangen Water® is energizing, it will replace your need for caffeine and, beware, it will supercharge the caffeine that you do consume.
  5. Supplements: Take your supplements with Kangen Water®. It will help your body to absorb and better utilize them.
  6. Stay away from dairy products, sugars, artificial sweeteners, animal proteins and other acidic foods. Not that they need to be avoided altogether, but with years of build-up to undo it will speed up the process of getting your systems back to a state that allows for optimal functioning.