New Students: Getting Started

How to prepare

Be well hydrated.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of being well hydrated and fueled. Hydration in the body is like the oil in a car – it’s what keeps things running smoothly. Start hydrating the day before by drinking lots of healthy fluids — think liters not glasses! Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine as they are both diuretics which will cause you to urinate more and flush the fluids from your body.

Being well hydrated can mean the difference between just surviving and thriving in the heat of the room.

Come on an empty stomach.

Be sure to give your food plenty of time to digest before you do yoga. The stretching and twisting in the postures will interfere with digestive peristalsis and leave you feeling very uncomfortable if your stomach is full.

Dress to sweat.

In general, the less you wear in class the more physically comfortable you’ll be. Always make sure your private parts are well covered. Tight fitting clothes are often preferred over baggy clothes that can get sticky and in the way as you sweat and move in the postures.

Have an open mind.

Don’t expect to be able to do everything in the beginning. The room is heated to 105°F with 50% humidity and it can take some time to adjust to these conditions. Bikram Yoga is always the same so once you’ve done your first class you will know what to expect in the future. For every class, especially in the beginning, set your goal at simply staying in the room for the entire 90 minutes.

Be ready for:

  • A totally new experience;
  • To sweat and work hard;
  • A challenging but supportive environment; and
  • To be tired, relaxed, and exhilarated after class.

What have other students said after their first class?

  • “Wow! That was awesome!”
  • That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
  • Would it be bad for me to come tomorrow?”
  • I feel like I just had a massage.”
  • I couldn’t believe how high my heart rate got.”
  • What just happened?”