12/16/2017: Daily Dose of Inspiration


“The only way to heal the wounds of the past, ultimately, is to forgive them and let them go.”

~ Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

Anger, hurt, betrayal, revenge, and depression are all emotional states that exist on the opposite end of the spectrum from love, happiness, joy, and bliss. Surely you can understand, from personal experience even, that when you’re experiencing some of the former, like anger, you can’t experience any of the latter, like happiness. They are simply too far apart. At one end you suffer while at the other end you celebrate.

All wounds need to heal. And by healing we don’t mean simply covering up or ignoring — that just leaves them to fester and/or mass up scar tissue. Whether the wounds are emotional or physical, true healing comes from the inside out and restores us to our natural healthy and happy state. This is what forgiveness does. Forgiveness restores our alignment with goodness.

So, my friend, what have you been unwilling to forgive? Is it really worth all the suffering?

Perhaps it’s time to benefit by forgiveness. Here’s a step by step guide (compliments of Harry Palmer and the Avatar materials) to help you through even the most stubborn of resentments: http://avatarepc.com/html/Pillar5-Forgiveness-Eng.pdf

Though it might not always be easy, everything is forgivable. Remember, your health and happiness await.