Hydration & Electrolytes

Yoga and Life

It’s May and we’re getting the taste of the hot and humid days that will soon be the norm as we move into summer in Austin. Maintaining proper level of hydration and electrolytes to keep our bodies functioning well will be even more important in the coming months.

One of the first things we make sure our new students know when they first come to do a Bikram Yoga class is the importance of being well hydrated. With the room conditions at 105 degrees and 50% humidity, proper hydration and electrolyte levels make the difference between surviving and thriving. A well hydrated body operates like a well oiled machine.

Did you know that the average person goes about their daily routines operating on a level of dehydration? They simply don’t know how much better they would feel if they just drank more water and healthy fluids and less caffeine, soda and alcohol. When they get a headache they automatically reach for an aspirin or Tylenol and never stop to wonder why they have the headache in the first place. Headaches, scratchy throat, stiffness, achy body, clogged ears, nausea and exhaustion can all be signs of dehydration and/or an electrolyte imbalance.

This is one of the biggest benefits of practicing Bikram Yoga on a regular basis. By doing yoga in the heat you naturally drink more water. The communication channels open between the body and the mind and the mind no longer denies the body what it needs. If you do not normally have a healthy diet, you will notice that your body will begin craving different foods more in line with what it needs.

The body needs exercise, proper nutrition and relaxation to be healthy. The formula that is Bikram Yoga is incredibly effective at working all the major systems in the body, restoring them to their proper function and forcing them all to work together well. Yes, it’s challenging and, yes, you’ll build strength and flexibility and balance, but you must do your part in providing proper nutrition and hydration. You owe it to your body and yourself to take care of it.

When you do Bikram Yoga every day you will naturally eat well, look great and feel great.