Yoga and Life

Finding Balance

Retreat! Retreat! My psyche screamed at me as I saw the latest emails waiting to be opened. These were from a new source demanding my attention and time, something that was already in short supply. Just days before I’d realized that my life was out of balance. The daily routine of work and life had lulled me into a place of complacency such that I’d become so bogged down with responsibilities that I was no longer enjoying my life. I was not sure where my professional life ended and my personal life began or where those boundaries should be... Read More ››

Growing Through Change

Growth is the natural evolution of life, all life, all aspects of life. Sometimes it shows up in the guise of death, but as the saying goes, “As one door closes another one opens.” Death is really just a new beginning. In order to grow, things must change. We know this, and we may consciously want change, but more often than not we cannot seem to let it happen. Why is change so scary? It is very easy to maintain the status quo and stick with things and situations, even ones that we know are harmful, dysfunctional, or simply... Read More ››

Hydration & Electrolytes

Surviving the heat of the summer (or Bikram Yoga) requires proper hydration and electrolyte balance. But most Americans operate in a state of dehydration. They simply don’t know how much better they’d feel if they just drank more water. When they get a headache they reach for a pain killer and never wonder why they have the headache in the first place. Headaches, dizziness, scratchy throat, stiffness, achy body, clogged ears and sinuses, dry eyes, fatigue and slower cognitive function can all be signs of dehydration and/or an electrolyte imbalance. A properly hydrated human body is over 70% water... Read More ››

My trip to see Bikram in Dallas

Bikram Choudhury. What an amazing man. I met him for the first time eight years ago on September 30th, 2001. It was the first day of Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, the shock and tragedy of 9/11 was fresh and raw and I was about to immerse myself in his world for 9 weeks straight. I really had no idea what I was getting into, all I knew was that his teacher training (often called a boot camp) was the format I’d been asking for for years on my quest to get back to the health and sense of personal... Read More ››

Quieting the Mind

When was the last time you had absolutely no worries occupying your mind? Do you know what it feels like to have a calm mind, free of worries or concerns, and to truly be at ease and feel peaceful? Peace is not an intellectual concept. Peace is a state of being that comes from deep within. No one can truly understand peace or know what it feels like until they have personally experienced it. The biggest gift from practicing Bikram Yoga is quieting the mind. Our minds are constantly thinking, analyzing and critiquing everything we do and see, and... Read More ››

Sweet Summer Sweat

I grew up in a little beach town in San Diego and boy did I love summertime. I would be at the beach from 9:00 a.m. for Junior Lifeguards until sunset everyday with my brothers and friends. When we weren’t out in the surf or playing volleyball, we’d slather our bodies in baby oil and soak up the sun. Only a couple weeks into summer and I’d have dark tan lines and a little golden scab perched on the top of my nose from all the exposure. Clearly the fear of skin cancer or sun damage had not yet... Read More ››

The Birth of Bikram Yoga

July 9th, 2010 was the 40th anniversary of the passing of Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram Choudhury’s guru. We say the word guru means teacher, though a more thorough translation is “one who removes darkness.” Bishnu was the youngest brother of Paramahansa Yogananda, the founder of the Self-Realization Fellowships in the United States and author of the book Autobiography of a Yogi who spread the teachings of Kriya Yoga throughout the West. Bishnu was initiated into yoga by his brother and was the first to scientifically document yoga’s ability to cure chronic physical ailments and heal the body. He opened Ghosh’s... Read More ››

The Importance of Vision

As we’re in the midst of BeneFIT’s Best Life Ever challenge I can’t help but to think back 16 years ago, this same time of year, to when I was in my Bikram Yoga teacher training. It was really quite a shock for me in many ways as I had only decided to do it so that I’d be in a boot camp doing this yoga twice a day for 9 weeks straight and could get my body back in shape after so many years of neglect. Sure, it was a teacher training and, since I’d be certified to... Read More ››

The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation is such a huge topic I hardly know where to start! I personally have so many things that I am full of appreciation for; things I get to look at and experience right now in my everyday life and things from my past and times long ago that still have an impact on my life as I live it today. So often our holidays commemorate tragic times or events. But they also teach us to look for the silver lining in the darkness—it’s always there though sometimes we have to look a little deeper and give it time... Read More ››

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