Yoga and Life

The Importance of Vision

As we’re in the midst of BeneFIT’s Best Life Ever challenge I can’t help but to think back 16 years ago, this same time of year, to when I was in my Bikram Yoga teacher training. It was really quite a shock for me in many ways as I had only decided to do it so that I’d be in a boot camp doing this yoga twice a day for 9 weeks straight and could get my body back in shape after so many years of neglect. Sure, it was a teacher training and, since I’d be certified to... Read More ››

The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation is such a huge topic I hardly know where to start! I personally have so many things that I am full of appreciation for; things I get to look at and experience right now in my everyday life and things from my past and times long ago that still have an impact on my life as I live it today. So often our holidays commemorate tragic times or events. But they also teach us to look for the silver lining in the darkness—it’s always there though sometimes we have to look a little deeper and give it time... Read More ››

What is Hatha Yoga?

It’s not infrequent that someone calls the studio, asks about hatha yoga and after a few minutes of conversation says, “Oh, I thought hatha yoga means hot yoga.” The words do sound similar but they are from very different languages and mean very different things. Bikram Yoga is both Hatha Yoga and done in the heat, but beyond that there is no connection. The word hatha is Sanskrit and is composed of two words, ha and tha. Ha means sun and represents masculine energy, strength, and the right side of the body. Tha means moon and represents the feminine... Read More ››

Yoga Competition?

Does the notion of a yoga competition upset you? If so, you’re not alone. It’s perfectly understandable. For those of us who have found yoga to be the sanctuary that helps us to find inner peace, relief from the stresses of our everyday life, or as the foundation of our spiritual practice, the thought of competition entering that realm can be very disturbing. Yet yoga championships are not meant to diminish these aspects of a yoga practice, instead, their intention is to deepen them. Yoga competitions have been taking place in India for hundreds of years. In describing a... Read More ››

Yoga is the Art of Listening

Many Westerners think of yoga as doing postures either in a class or on their own. We know it’s hard, we know it’s good for us and we know we feel great afterwards. But oftentimes we leave the conscious practice of yoga right there. In simple terms, the word yoga means union; union in every sense of the word. Not just union between the body, the mind and the spirit, but with all, both within ourselves and outside of ourselves. Union is coming together, connecting. It is being fully present in the moment, in every aspect of our lives,... Read More ››

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